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Our trained professionals at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique offers laser treatment for toe nail fungus. Call us for more information (561)-330-9444 or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 1441 S. Congress Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33445.

The Candela Gentlemax Pro is an FDA approved laser technology that can be used to help clear toenail fungus in as little as one treatment, without the need of potentially toxic, long-term oral medications. Discover the toenail fungus laser, available now at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique.

Onychomycosis (toe nail fungus) is one of the most commonly diagnosed foot conditions.

We start with the Hallux (big toe) and move to the other toes, treating the nails of all the toes including the nail bed. The doctor treats all the nails on the foot for best results. This is because the fungus that causes onychomycosis (toe nail fungus), and its opaque yellow nails, can remain on the untreated toes and re-infect the treated nails. The results are noticeable after 3 months but in some cases may take longer due to slow nail growth.
In order to receive the best possible outcome the patient must follow precise recommendations closely. The patient should keep the area clean and dry while wearing clean socks and shoes. We recommend that the patient buy new shoes. This is because the fungus that cause the condition can linger in shoes and socks that are not properly disinfected and re-infect the treated nail. Patients should also apply prescribed anti-fungal creams as directed.

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