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Testosterone replacement for men is a safe and effective treatment protocol that introduces natural testosterone to restore an aged or declining endocrine system –– the part of our body in charge of our hormone levels. While it is the male sex hormone, testosterone does more than just spike a man’s libido and aid in erectile function. When testosterone levels waver, a host of conditions can transpire, all of which can dampen a man’s happiness and quality of life. While there are alternative options like supplements and vitamins to raise testosterone levels, they aren’t effective enough to provide long-lasting results. So, Dr. Mylissa is proud to provide her male patients with a safe and effective treatment to raise their testosterone levels and bring harmony to their life. The first step on this journey to feeling like a younger You is to schedule a personal consultation at her Delray Beach medical boutique. Here, our team will answer any questions you may have about testosterone replacement therapy and recommend a treatment route. To speak with our front desk directly, please call   (561) 330-9444.
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While both men and women produce testosterone, women do so at a much lower level. For men, testosterone falls under the list of androgens: male-specific hormones. In fact, the word androgen is derived from the Greek meaning man-maker. As a boy enters puberty, testosterone levels start to ascend and gradually continue to rise as he goes through adolescence and into early adulthood. Testosterone helps sculpt masculine characteristics like a deep voice, the Adam’s apple, more muscle mass, and more body hair. This hormone also works under the surface to fortify bone density, increase sperm count, regulate stress levels, and moderate metabolic functions. With healthy testosterone levels, it is easier for a man to retain lean muscle mass and lose fatty tissue as he goes through his twenties and early thirties. However, around this time, unbeknownst to him, testosterone levels begin their descent.


Once men enter their thirties, their testosterone levels decrease around 1% each year.[2] This season in life is called andropause and often brings a number of different physiological changes that result in decreased energy, lower mood, and weight gain. However, many men are predisposed to low testosterone levels from birth and might experience these symptoms earlier on in life. Further to the point, different lifestyle factors like diet, activity and sleep quality weigh heavily on the health of a man’s endocrine system. So, low testosterone levels can also be the result of external factors. Low testosterone levels come with a wide range of unpleasant side effects.

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Lean muscles feed off an abundant supply of testosterone. This hormone helps build muscle and fend off fat tissue from accumulating on our physique. Testosterone also keeps our metabolism functioning properly. However, once testosterone levels waver, our body cannot sustain the same muscle mass we had in our youth. Our metabolism slows, and fat begins to store more easily in our bodies. Increased fat stores hamper our muscles’ ability to keep existing muscle fibers let alone generate new ones. As the fat stores grow, they cause our existing muscle fibers to atrophy into fat cells. This process causes a cyclical effect where even a perfect diet and exercise regimen still cannot help a man keep his lean muscle mass, making weight gain harder to keep at bay.


Many men’s first indication of having low testosterone is experiencing a lower sex drive and increased erectile dysfunction. To achieve and maintain a healthy erection, many different systems have to work together in perfect harmony. At the center of this complex physiological relationship is a healthy supply of testosterone. When testosterone levels dip, men can experience difficulty in achieving a healthy, sustained erection. This condition is so prevalent that by 50 years old, around 50% of men experience erectile dysfunction. With erectile dysfunction comes a strain on interpersonal relationships, lowered self-confidence, and a spike in bedroom anxiety.


Testosterone acts as a balance to cortisol: the stress hormone. When cortisol levels spike, our endocrine system releases testosterone to counterbalance stress and help keep our body calm, cool, and collected. But, with testosterone levels depleted, our body loses its ability to retain homeostasis, resulting in more prevalent and prolonged periods of stress. As our stress levels worsen, we might experience more depression, anxiety, and loss of focus. The other signs of low testosterone may also contribute to our lowered mental states, promoting a positive feedback loop that decreases our quality of life even more.


Testosterone replacement therapy introduces a healthy supply of natural testosterone back into the patient’s body. This new testosterone reinvigorates our body’s systems and helps our body reclaim natural homeostasis. Studies investigating testosterone replacement therapy show that patients saw a reduction in fatty tissue, an increased sex drive, more positive moods, and lean muscle that is easier to attain– when pursuing this therapy under a doctor’s supervision. Many of our patients say that testosterone replacement therapy has solved issues they didn’t even know were related to a hormonal imbalance. To see how testosterone replacement therapy can help you feel like your younger self, please schedule a personal consultation today!


Because different factors like lifestyle, genetics, and age can affect testosterone levels, men of all ages can qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, but typically, we see men in their thirties and older who exhibit more than one sign of low testosterone. This therapy will work best if the patient is already leading a healthy life and following a well-rounded diet. This will help ensure that, when you leave our care, your healthy habits and lifestyle will only boost the effects of testosterone replacement therapy.

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The first step is to schedule a private consultation. Here, we will begin with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. Dr. Mylissa will also order testing to determine if a hormonal imbalance is present. Once we have a better idea of your hormone levels, we will be able to diagnose a testosterone deficiency. We’ll be able to gauge more accurately how this condition is affecting your life and well-being–as well as determine if any of our other treatments might bring added balance to your life. For men who struggle with controlling their weight, Dr. Mylissa also provides specialized diet programs to help men make smarter, healthier food choices. Then, she will explain how testosterone replacement therapy works and what type of expectations are reasonable. Finally, she will construct a personalized treatment plan to address this and any additional concerns.


Before you begin testosterone replacement therapy, we will ask that you be at a healthy, stable weight. This will ensure the hormones are most effective at restoring your body’s proper functions. Since these are simple injections, we also recommend that you discontinue any blood-thinning medications as these may cause excessive bleeding and bruising even with the minuscule needle poke.



Your testosterone replacement therapy is a simple, quick procedure. First, we fill the syringe with the proper amount of prescription testosterone. Testosterone should be administered into muscle, so popular areas for injection include the thigh or the glutes. Once the area is sanitized, we inject the serum into the target muscle. For those willing to do this at home, we will carefully instruct you on how to safely perform these injections. The treatment is fast and easy. You will be able to leave our care and jump back into your daily routine with no downtime at all!


Because it is injected, the testosterone serum will be felt in a matter of minutes. Many of our patients report a lighter feeling as well as an increase in motivation and overall happiness. The target area might be a little bruised after the injection, but this will subside shortly. Be sure to drink plenty of water and continue leading a healthy, active life. We will monitor your hormonal levels and schedule additional treatments accordingly (usually a couple of weeks apart) to allow hormone levels to become rebalanced.


The cost of your testosterone replacement therapy will depend on the number of treatments you require to experience the desired results. We will discuss and determine the price of your care during your initial consultation. If you would like to learn more about past clients’ experiences, please visit our reviews page! To reach out directly, call us at (561) 330-9444.

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