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Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique uses the Alex Trivantage Laser for tattoo removal near you! For more information, contact us today at (561)-330-9444 or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 1441 S. Congress Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33445.

Laser treatment is the most common method of tattoo removal and is the method recommended by Dr. Mylissa. While getting a tattoo is relatively straight forward, the removal of the same tattoo is a much more complex process. Laser treatments offer the most effective means for removing an unwanted tattoo. Dr. Mylissa utilizes the Candela Alex-Trivantage® laser because it is equipped with multiple wavelengths and treats all colors of tattoos including red, blue, green and black tattoos. This laser also treats patients of all skin types including patients with dark skin.

woman with tattoo rose behind the neck
laser tattoo removal

Both your skin type and the colors which comprise the tattoo will determine the complexity of your tattoo removal. Black or darker ink tattoos are easier to treat, whereas pink or yellow tattoos are somewhat more challenging. Lighter skin is easier to treat than darker skin as well. Regardless of the size or color of the tattoo, laser treatment will always require a series of sessions in order to completely remove the tattoo. Generally, at least eight to twelve sessions will be required and for more colorful and larger tattoos, more sessions might be needed.

To understand how laser tattoo removal works, firstly you need to understand how the ink of a tattoo stays in the skin.

The ink particles in the skin are too large for the body’s white blood cells to process and extract from the skin. A laser can be used to ‘break’ up these ink particles into much smaller particles which the body can then remove. The laser works by firing a high intensity energy beam at the skin and this is what breaks up the ink into smaller particles. Unfortunately, a laser cannot complete the entire job in one session. Because different color pigmentations of ink react differently to laser treatment, some pigments are harder to remove than others.

Each laser treatment session will last around twenty to thirty minutes and a patient should wait six weeks between each session. Over the course of the treatment the tattoo will fade and, in some cases, will be removed completely.

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