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BeautiFill, produced by Alma Lasers, is a streamlined laser-based fat grafting solution to enhance the contours of the face and body. The highly advanced treatment combines laser, fat removal through liposuction, and preparation for transfer.

BeautiFill makes fat grafting and harvesting treatment easier, quicker, and more effective. This technology can assist patients looking to address volume loss with a fat graft and improve existing contours. Take the first step in achieving your desired body contours by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique in Delray Beach. Or, kindly give us a call at (561) 330-9444 and a friendly team member will assist you.


Autologous fat grafting isn’t a new invention. Since the 1800s, surgeons have been exploring this concept to reconstruct and correct volume loss. Fat grafting was even used to alter the appearance of spies during the Second World War! In 1983, German surgeon Gustav Neuber documented the first successful use of small fat grafts from the forearm to fill in scars on the face. However, this technique has come along a long way since then. With Alma BeautiFill, today’s patients can enjoy a more efficient and comfortable process with fantastic results.

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The gentle power of BeautiFill dramatically improves procedure and recovery times. The groundbreaking treatment involves making a small incision into a donor site such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or flanks. A thin, long cannula is inserted under the skin where laser energy is emitted to target the water-rich septae in the adipose tissue, or body fat, instead of targeting the fat cells themselves. A unique fiber on the cannula enables energy dispersion in a 360 degree area to expedite the fat harvesting process. And while the fat is being gently loosened from the surrounding tissue, the cannula is simultaneously suctioning it away. But that’s not all – the thermal effect from the laser energy cauterizes any affected blood vessels and creates a skin-tightening effect in the treatment area. Patients have an easier recovery time, and firm, slender results! The removed fat is a high-quality, living tissue that can then be used to add volume to the desired areas.

It can then be strategically injected to fill in depressed areas of the body including:

  • Face (cheeks, temples, smile lines, jawline, under eyes)
  • Breasts
  • Calves
  • Buttocks
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You can dramatically enhance your facial appearance and other areas of the body with a BeautiFill procedure. The efficient procedure has revolutionized traditional forms of fat transfer because of its improved convenience and ingenuity. This exciting procedure also offers patients:


  • A complete all-in-one solution to the liposuction and fat grafting process
  • The ability to rejuvenate areas such as the face, buttocks, and breasts
  • No risk of side effects or allergic reactions, since the patient’s own fat is being used
  • Significantly reduced procedure and recovery time
  • Safe, easy treatment
  • Achieve long-lasting results
  • Higher percentage of the fat survives once transferred due to the gentle removal process
  • Thermal effect tightens skin in the donor area


If you are interested in augmenting and restoring volume to specific areas or the body, then you may be a great candidate for BeautiFill. It is an excellent way to rid the body of stubborn fat and add volume to areas where it counts. Other criteria to be mindful are:

  • Being 30-65 years old
  • Should be healthy individuals without serious circulation problems
  • Having enough fat present to extract
  • Have sensible expectations about what the procedure can achieve
  • Are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

Please bear in mind that a BeautiFill treatment is not a substitute for weight loss. Patients who are currently on track to attain a desirable weight should continue. However, know that you don’t have to do it alone. Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique offers a variety of choices for medical diets and therapies under our guidance and support.

Schedule your consultation now to experience the BeautiFill treatment at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique in Delray Beach, FL. You can also give our office a ring at (561) 330-9444 to speak to a staff member.


Dr. Mylissa Graber serves as both owner and CEO of Dr. Mylissa Medical Boutique and Dr. G’s Urgent Care in Southern Florida. With over 15 years of experience in medical medicine, Dr. Mylissa offers patients a knowledgeable and personalized approach to aesthetic care. Our office offers patients a warm and friendly atmosphere, with a dedicated team ready to treat their cosmetic concerns.


Your consultation is the time to talk about your desired results. Our team will encourage a positive dialogue to gather a sense of what your expectations are and the results you want to see. Then, we will examine your skin elasticity, areas of concern, and identify potential harvest areas to help us create a treatment plan and estimated recovery time. Once we have solidified an approach, we will walk you step-by-step through your BeautiFill treatment and how it can bring better contours to the face and other areas of the body. Finally, before you go, you’ll be given a list of preliminary instructions to follow between your consultation and your scheduled treatment. It is imperative to follow these for a smooth procedure with excellent results.

Book a personal appointment with Dr. Mylissa Medical Spa. Or, contact us over the phone by calling (561) 330-9444. Connect with us! We love hearing from our patients. Like, follow, and tag us on our Instagram.

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There are a few essential items for you to complete before your treatment date. This is to help reduce complications and to ensure the best outcome for you. They include:

  • Temporarily quit smoking: Stop smoking a few weeks before and throughout the recovery process. Smoking can compromise blood flow and your healing process.
  • Modify medication intake: Hold off on taking certain medications and supplements like blood thinners. Make sure to inform us of any current medications you are taking.
  • Fill prescriptions: Go to the pharmacy before your scheduled treatment.
  • Organize transportation: Find a way home by selecting a family member or friend to drive you home while the effects of anesthesia wear off.


Before we start, Dr. Mylissa will mark your skin to identify donor sites where fat will be removed. The first step is to inject a tumescent solution (a mixture of saline solution, lidocaine, and epinephrine) into the harvest area. This is usually in the abdomen, hips, flanks, or thighs. Saline aids the swelling of the skin, the lidocaine numbs the areas for comfort, and the epinephrine contracts blood vessels, and the fat cells so fat is easier to remove. Dr. Mylissa then makes a small discreet incision and inserts the cannula device into the harvest site, where it delivers gentle laser energy to loosen fat cells. The harvested fat is then suctioned through the cannula and immediately filtered to improve the transferred fat’s survival rate. Then, the fat is taken from the Beautfill storage area and prepared into medical-grade syringes. The fat is then injected into the areas where the patient needs volume, such as the cheeks, around the mouth, under the eyes, breasts, or buttocks. Injections are repeated until the desired result is achieved. Your treatment concludes with incisions sutured with tape or stitches. 

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Unlike traditional liposuction and fat transfer, BeautiFill is far more gentle, and has fewer side effects. Patients may expect mild bruising, swelling, and redness in the treated areas. Allow up to 2 days of downtime for small areas such as the face. More extensive procedures such as the buttocks or breasts may need 1-2 weeks for recovery. Please take the prescribed medicine to offset discomfort and aid the recovery process. You’ll be given post-op care instructions so that you have a speedy recovery and know exactly what to expect, every step of the way.


A noticeable difference is seen immediately after your BeautiFill. Your results will continue to develop in the days ahead as the mild bruising and swelling subside.  The treated areas where fat was injected are smoother, firmer, and fuller to the touch. Meanwhile, your donor areas will appear slimmer, better contoured, and more defined. Overall, you can count on fantastic, natural-looking results. BeautiFill is an effective solution for patients looking to remove fat from where it’s not needed and use it to enhance other areas. And, because the fat is removed more gently, more transferred fat is able to survive, so patients can look forward to retaining the curves they receive after a BeautiFill procedure for years to come. 


At your consultation, we will discuss your pathway to improved contours for the face and other areas of the body. We offer a full range of laser procedures to our South Florida clientele. The following treatments for laser hair removal, tattoo removal, facial treatments, fat burning and can be done with:

  • Candela Gentle Max Pro – Dual frequency laser that can treat everything from dark spots, warts, toenail fungus as well as perform laser hair removal
  • Candela Alex TriVantage – Three laser wavelengths can treat darker skin types safely while removing tattoos, birthmarks and hyper pigmentation

ELOS Plus 

This system can deliver optical, radio frequency and infrared energy to offer a wider variety of beneficial treatments to a wider range of patient skin types.

  • SRA photofacial – Intense Pulsed Light treatment for dark spots, visible veins, rosacea and redness
  • Sublative – Radio frequency energy for boosted collagen production and improved skin texture
  • Sublime – Radio frequency and infrared energy for tighter, firmer skin

Dr. Mylissa and her experienced medical professionals look forward to serving your needs.



Dr. Mylissa provides patients with competitive pricing while still maintaining exceptional outcomes for patients. The cost of your treatment depends on the number of areas of treatment, and other details of your procedure.

Once you’ve had your consultation, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote. Feel free to give us a call to receive an estimate on your procedure.

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